Our philosophy
Our vision is long-term.
The fundraising is just a mean, a step in the life of a growing startup. Although being an important and challenging milestone, aiming for the sole objective of getting funds without a clear long-term plan limits growth possibilities.

our offer.

Towards the raise of funds...

First, we structure the whole business process. We test and reinforce your business model and help you produce and adjust the business plan to contact any potential investor. Our collaboration goes all the way up to the closing of the deal.

...and beyond!

If requested, G4TES can act as a strategic partner. Once the deal is closed, we advise on the optimal allocation of funds and to help consolidate the newly established investor relations. We operate in the shadow to continue providing expertise.

Your Success. Our success.


Our co-creation sessions and continuous interactions allow the development of sectorial, functional and operational expertise. Our goal being to bring out the highest value possible to put it at the service of your development.

Success fees

The success of our clients is in our best interest. We don’t ask for any participation in equity or retainer fees. We share the risk equally by benefiting only from a percentage of the amount raised.


Our collaboration takes into account the particularities of your industry, your ambitions and specially focuses on the elements that need the most reinforcement. In addition, we make sure there is a real fit between the future shareholders and your project.

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